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02 Oct 2012, 14:25
Christian Nedregård (1 post)


Very informative and to the point book. Thanks :)

I’m using tmux 1.6 (MacPorts) in Terminal on OS X Lion 10.7.5.

I am trying the “Using tmux Configuration for Setup” approach for building my session, but it seems like the -p option for split-window is ignored when loaded from the configuration?

My test config (in test.tmux) looks like this: @source-file ~/.tmux.conf@ @new-session -s test -d@ @split-window -v -p 90 -t test@

I start the session with this command: @tmux -f test.tmux attach@

The 90% size of the new pane seems to be ignored. list-windows reports the following: @[316x80] [layout 1cbc,316x80,0,0[316x31,0,0,316x48,0,32]]@

…so the top window is 31 rows and the bottom one is 48.

If I try to run the same commands manually by executing @tmux new-session -s test@

..and then entering command mode and pasting the split command: @split-window -v -p 90 -t test@

..then I get the pane sizes i expected: @[316x80] [layout a6b0,316x80,0,0[316x7,0,0,316x72,0,8]]@

Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?

Regards Christian

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