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29 Oct 2014, 20:16
David James (2 posts)

This example from the book is terribly ambiguous: “press PREFIX %, and the window will divide down the middle” The problem is that “middle” can mean the horizontal or vertical middle.

Here are two examples from a blog post that are nice and clear:

  • PREFIX + " splits the window into two vertical panes
  • PREFIX + % splits the window into two horizontal panes

These examples from the book are clear:

  • “even-horizontal stacks all panes horizontally, left to right.”
  • “even-vertical stacks all panes vertically, top to bottom.”

One more example from the book that is so-so: “Pressing PREFIX " (double quote) will split this new pane in half horizontally.” It was hard to parse the first time, but now I get it. I’d suggested adding “, resulting in a left and right pane” to make the sentence clearer.

Also, I would suggest mentioning to the reader that the visual depictions of the keys helps remember which is which:

  • the " consists of a left mark and right mark; each mark corresponds to a pane.
  • if the % is thought of like long division, then the line runs horizontally, meaning that a pane would be divided by that horizontal line, resulting in an upper and lower pane after the split.

With that said, remapping " to | and % to - would be even more intuitive!

23 Apr 2015, 00:30
Brian P. Hogan (159 posts)

If you notice, I do remap the split pane keys in the following chapter.

Thanks for the other suggestions!