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26 Apr 2013, 09:05
Lloyd Blake (5 posts)

Hello Silvia,

I’ve been reading the introduction where you mention IDEs to use with Corona. I just wondered why you did mention any of the following:

Sublime Text 2

Lua Glider

Corona Project Manager

I think these are much better for use with Lua and the Corona SDK?

26 Apr 2013, 10:56
Silvia Domenech (35 posts)

Hi Lloyd,

I chose free editors for the first chapter so that anyone could get started with Corona without having to buy an editor.

Corona-friendly development environments are usually commercial, so those are mentioned in the appendix. Corona Project Manager (which is now called Outlaw) is listed there, and so is the Krea IDE. The other two programs you mentioned aren’t listed right now, but it might be worth it to add an “IDEs” subheading and list a few more environments. I’ll see if they can be added to the next beta update.

Also, thanks for mentioning this, because it made me notice that the first chapter doesn’t mention that there are paid alternatives listed in the appendix – I’ll add a link.


28 Apr 2013, 12:54
Daniele Maccari (3 posts)


first of all thanks for the effort and for sharing it with us ;) On a side note, is there any way to add corona autocompletion to notepad++ or CodeMax? I googled a bit but the only thread I found was two years old…

28 Apr 2013, 14:53
Silvia Domenech (35 posts)

Hi Daniele, welcome to the forums.

Notepad++ comes with an autocomplete option in the program settings. You have to go to Settings -> Preferences -> Backup/Auto-Completion, and enable the autocompletion options. This system is not as accurate as auto-complete in other development environments, because the suggestions don’t really differentiate between functions and variables. It’s still good to avoid typos, though.

I know there used to be a Corona-specific plugin for autocompletion in Notepad++, but I was never able to find it. There is a Lua-friendly xml file to improve its autocompletion, which is here:


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