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15 Sep 2013, 18:03
M Paris (1 post)


Small thing, could you name each of the directories with the code with a prefix like 01, 02, which refers to the chapter where the code belongs?


PS. Eagerly reading Chapter 2 :-)

15 Sep 2013, 22:58
Silvia Domenech (35 posts)

Hi Martin,

I completely agree that it’s easier to work knowing which chapter each folder belongs to. I’ve updated the directory names and uploaded the code files to Dropbox. You can download them here. I hope it helps!

I can’t update the downloadable files’ directory names because Pragmatic authors name code folders using words instead of chapter numbers. However, I’ll come back here and post a link to a version with numbered folders whenever we update the code files.

I’m glad that you are reading chapter 2. I hope you enjoy working on the book’s projects! :)