05 Sep 2012, 05:38

gb (8 posts)

Quick Questions:

  • After creating my ControlPanel.coffee file . in order to run cucumber do I need to compile all the .coffee files to js?

  • This example is really simple which is fine. But I was hoping for something more substantial such as working with zombie or phantomjs or casperjs

  • Can cucumberjs be used to drive something like sahi or webdriverjs ?

05 Sep 2012, 21:00

Ian Dees (206 posts)

Hi, gb.

Once you’ve got @ControlPanel.coffee@ in place, cucumber-js will run it for you–you don’t need to compile explicitly.

cucumber-js can indeed drive headless browsers; the NodeBDD example uses zombie. I’d imagine it could also drive webdriverjs, though that use would likely be very similar to regular Cucumber + Selenium WebDriver.


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