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16 Sep 2010, 23:14
Anthony Donnelly (1 post)


Sorry if this is a bit of a basic question, but would you ordinarily have a product owner at a retrospective? My worry would be that the development team would feel inhibited by the product owner’s presence.

Regards, Anthony

13 Jul 2012, 07:12
Jonathan Brown (1 post)

I am too seeking for the same, anyways if I found any I’ll definitely tell you.

24 Aug 2012, 09:06
Björn Jensen (1 post)

Hm, from my perspective a PO is part of the Scrum Team and the retrospective is for the whole team to improve their way of working - regardless if it’s on a technical level or on a team level. So if your team is not happy to involve the PO to the retrospective you have Scrum group in place but not a Scrum Team. So try to find out why the team doesn’t want the PO to attend the retrospective. And try to make them feel and act like a team. Something easy to do here is to organize that the PO is sitting in the same room as the team and the SM. Does it make sense? Hope it helps a bit.

Best, Björn

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