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18 Jan 2016, 23:38
Michael Bannister (1 post)

Versions of sinatra-contrib >= 1.4.4 cause the error “LoadError - cannot load such file – erubis” when respond_with is called. If I install the gem ‘erubis’ it proceeds to grumble about haml, less and other template renderers, so I think it may be more a problem with the fact that sinatra-contrib 1.4.4 upgraded its ‘tilt’ dependency to 2.0.x, although I’m not sufficiently familiar with the Ruby world to be sure.

Anyway – this caused me some grief so I figured I’d post here in the hope that it’s of use to others (and maybe gets a helpful note added to the book at some point).

05 May 2016, 19:47
Femi Adeniyi (1 post)

Same things happened to me and your right. You have to “gem uninstall tilt -v 2.0.2” and then “gem install tilt -v 2.0.0”

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