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08 Mar 2016, 23:31
Lewis Bogan (4 posts)

Page 33.3 / 557 epub version:

[lewisb@mbutu hello] $ rspec app_test.rb .

Deprecation Warnings:

Using should from rspec-expectations’ old :should syntax without explicitly enabling the syntax is deprecated. Use the new :expect syntax or explicitly enable :should with config.expect_with(:rspec) { |c| c.syntax = :should } instead. Called from /home/lewisb/src/web/7web/sinatra/hello/app_test.rb:26:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>’.

If you need more of the backtrace for any of these deprecations to identify where to make the necessary changes, you can configure config.raise_errors_for_deprecations!, and it will turn the deprecation warnings into errors, giving you the full backtrace.

1 deprecation warning total

Finished in 0.01778 seconds (files took 0.09451 seconds to load) 1 example, 0 failures

I realize that this is only a warning. Is there a plan to update the book? I did find a way around the warning using expect.

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