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20 Nov 2012, 18:51
Eric Turner (6 posts)

Using Xcode 4.5.2, the Baseline project crashes when building to the 6.0 iPad simulator with (summarized) error: “PPRecipesDetailViewController valueForUndefinedKey - not KVC compliant for detailDescriptionLabel”. This is fixed by wiring the misnamed outlet in MainStoryboard_iPad/PPRecipesDetailViewController to the descriptionLabel.

Project then builds and launches, presenting alertView with (summarized) error message: “The recipes database is either corrupt or was created by a newer version of Grokking Recipes.”. The app then closes.

I don’t understand in PPRAppDelegateAlt2, in the initializeCoreDataStack method where this error message and alertView are defined, why there is no checking for a condition appropriate for this message and the need to exit the app.

28 Nov 2012, 23:25
Anna Karenina (1 post)

The alert view code in @- (void)initializeCoreDataStack@ seems to be without a point. Commenting out @[alertView show]@ makes the app usable.

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