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07 Dec 2012, 16:49
Jack Mann (1 post)

Can you explain which application from the source code relates to which chapter?

03 Jan 2013, 04:01
Luke Krasnoff (5 posts)

I was a little confused as to what code to use. Would you consider putting the code in chapter folders.

26 Jul 2013, 20:53
Mark Bush (8 posts)

Just bought the book. Any response here? Confused where to start … at first I thought it was Baseline … now I think it’s V1?

31 Jul 2013, 04:35
Brett (9 posts)

Yep, I have to agree. The way the source code is structured in the download is confusing.

I’m up to the Desktop chapter, and I have no idea what code to use as a starting point for merging with the iOS code.

Can we get a copy of the download structured by chapter?

Perhaps something like:

Code - Chapter 1 – Start — The code to be used at the start of the chapter, can add to it as we progress through – End — The code, how it should be at the end of the chapter

01 Aug 2013, 02:59
Brett (9 posts)

I’ve spent some time looking at the code. I thought maybe that the baseline folder was the starting point, then each other folder are the additions for each chapter.

I still can’t make much sense of it though.

It makes actually reading the book and following through with the code quite difficult and if you want to just start from a specific chapter there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a copy of the completed code up until that point that you can use and continue on with.

Can someone explain how this works please? or replace the code with a more organised version?

08 Oct 2013, 00:13
Brett (9 posts)

Over 2 months and no reply from anyone at PragProg?

Gotta say I am disappointed.

14 Oct 2013, 01:25
Mdeh (7 posts)

Take a look at Core Data for IOS by Tim Isted. It’s much less confusing, and will point you in the right direction a lot quicker. This site has been dead for almost a year.

30 Oct 2013, 23:52
Brett (9 posts)

Yep, I’ve moved on to the Ray Wenderlich books. The sample code is a LOT better and laid out so its easy to understand.

Probably won’t bother buying anymore PragProg books.

06 Nov 2013, 15:23
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

Now that Xcode 5 has stabilized I am going to be going through the code and updating it to the current Xcode versions.

One question that I have though, in your copies of the book, does each code sample have a file path before it? Are those file paths lined up with how the code is structured in the zip file that you can download?


16 Nov 2013, 23:48
Brett (9 posts)

Hi Marcus,

Yes the pdf copy I have has file paths for each code sample. They match the zip code download exactly.

The problem is more that there doesn’t seem to be a logical start -> finish for each chapter. I can’t see a way to pick any chapter and know exactly what code I need when starting that chapter.

i.e. Chapter 7 - Adding a Desktop Foundation. Page 123 of the PDF says “Once the new project is created, quit Xcode. Using Finder, move the contents of the new project in with our existing project.” Then is has a screenshot of the final result. The screenshot shows the PRRecipes folder, but what PRRecipes is this? The one one the Baseline folder? or the one in the RecipesV1 folder? or the one in the RecipesV2 folder, etc.

It would be awesome to have source that relates to each chapter. Something like: Chapter 1 -> Start -> Contains a snapshot of the code you should be using at the start of this chapter. You could use it to check that your existing code is the same or just use it to start a fresh.

Would also be good to have a Chapter 1 -> End -> Contains a snapshot of the source as it should be at the end of the Chapter. Could again use this to compare with your own code you’ve typed up while following through the chapter.

cheers, Brett

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