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04 Jan 2013, 04:58
Trevor Brown (2 posts)

I’m curious about the phrasing in the Introduction under the Sample Code heading where it is stated that Appendix 1 contains a walk-through of the construction of the sample code. I bought the book at beta v3 and thought it would be fleshed out in a later revision. But now that v4 has arrived (with the statement that it is off to the printer) has me scratching my head as there is a discussion of parts of the sample code in Appendix 1, but not a walk-through of the steps required to construct it.

The second statement in Appendix 1 reads “We’ll create the application in this appendix.” Shortly after that is a complex storyboard with no explanation of how it was created.

By the way, I can work with the download of the sample code and follow the book. I’m simply confused as to why it is said several times that Appendix 1 will guide you through the creation of the sample code and it does not actually do that.


13 Feb 2013, 15:33
Christian Loftis (1 post)

Trevor, I agree wholeheartedly. I can follow along the book, but I would like to see a more concrete explanation of the “Foundation” that is addressed in Appendix A. Hopefully most people picking up this book has the foundational knowledge of storyboards, but it would be nice to have a little bit more

Suggestions: * Written walkthrough as simple as this: Create three UITextfield outlets in this view controller. * Include the Foundation in the source code. I see that RecipesV1 is given, but that application already has the full stack implemented and everything setup. It would be nicer to have something closer to base code to work with.

13 Feb 2013, 18:24
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

There is a difficult balance in books like this one. The topics you are wanting covered in greater detail are more properly covered in a Cocoa/iOS targeted book. They really have nothing to do with Core Data.

To keep the focus of this book as sharp as possible, nearly everything about Cocoa was kept out of the book. That was in fact the reason that the original Chapter 1 was moved to an Appendix.

This book is about Core Data. Discussions of storyboards, View Controllers, etc. are outside of the scope of this book.

I welcome suggestions on how to make that point clearer.

08 Apr 2013, 13:52
Trevor Brown (2 posts)

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for replying.

I wasn’t actually expecting this book to teach the basics of Obj-C, Cocoa, or iOS. It’s just that in your Introduction section under Sample Code, you state “… that application’s construction is no longer at the front of the book. Instead, the walkthrough of its construction is included in Appendix 1…” (emphasis, mine)

From that, I took that Appendix 1 would take the reader for a walk through of how you designed and built the application (without explaining what a segue is or how view hierarchies are composed).

Since you asked, maybe “structure” fits better than “construction.” And as I mentioned in my first comment on this, the second line in Appendix 1 clearly states that we will “create the application in this appendix.” I’m not sure how to take that other than that we are not starting with an existing application.

I apologize if it seems that I’m nitpicking. As I mentioned before, I can follow along with the sample code just fine. It just seemed that Appendix 1 was still an area that was going to be expanded when I first bought the book at beta v3.

Lastly, the book has been very helpful for the purpose of its writing - Core Data. :-)


08 May 2013, 19:39
Kevin M (2 posts)

Hey Marcus,

I have been going through the book and made it up to the migration part of the book. Very informative and overall better than any of the core data books/tutorials ive been through.

A few things im finding hard to follow though: - Sometimes I feel im following along and then, all the sudden, you are miles ahead. Im able to diff against the sample projects but it would be easier to follow if you mention what you are going to do before doing it. As others stated, not detailing unrelated objc. C things. One example: migrating between versions of the database. I had to diff against your project to figure out what needed to be changed. The picture in the book shows 2 versions but they are exactly the same. Also, now im on mapping and the model I generated doesn’t look like the example you point to in the text.

Thanks for the great book!

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