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25 Feb 2013, 18:13
iDevelop (16 posts)

Thank you for this great book. I would like to get a clarification on what the iCloud Core Data example is suppose to do. The main reason I purchased this book is to get iCloud and Core Data working.

First Scenario 1. I start by adding a few records on the iPad, then close the app. 2. I start the app again but the previously added records never show up. 3. I do see them by looking in the site

Second Scenario 1. I run it on two different iPad’s and I insert records on one device and it does not update on the second device.

Third Scenario 1. I run it without iCloud being turned on and add records 2. Close the app and start it again and no records show up.

  • I see you are using the UIManagedDocument, is this the suggested way of adding iCloud to Core Data if creating a brand new application?

  • I am also assuming that using the UIManagedDocument we can save records from multiple related tables?

Any guidance in getting iCloud with Core Data working is greatly appreciated. I have so many users that want iCloud syncing with our iPhone and iPad apps but so far nothing is working, I can break iCloud Sync so easily. Very frustrated with iCloud and Core Data :)

Thank you for your help it is appreciated.

06 Dec 2013, 20:20
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

Core Data and iCloud is a frustrating topic unfortunately.

Currently, I would not recommend using UIManagedDocument unless you have a document based application design. Otherwise the traditional Core Data stack is a better alternative as it is far more transparent and controllable.

I would recommend, as a start, to just add the iCloud properties to your existing app (in a test branch of course) and fire it up. See what impacts iCloud has on the existing design and then attack any issues that come up. I suspect you are going to get more success from that approach.

Also keep in mind that your iOS version will impact iCloud. iOS5 is when it was introduced and, frankly, it didn’t work. There were marked improvements in iOS 6 but it still was not 100%. iOS 7 is the most stable of the three. If you are supporting iOS 5 then you may want to consider another syncing solution instead of trying to get it to work under iOS 5.

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