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03 Mar 2014, 19:02
koen (2 posts)

Is there any particular reason delete rules are not discussed in the book?

As an example, when the user deletes a Recipe, what happens for instance to all the RecipeIngredients? Many are shared with other recipes, so they should not be deleted, right? After asking on SO I understand now this can be controlled with delete rules. This scenario is briefly mentioned in Chapter 4.4 under deleting, but that’s all I could find about this. How is the Recipe example app preventing that shared ingredients are deleted with a recipe? Or are there multiple entities for ingredients that are common, eg five recipes use salt, so there are five entities for salt in the store.

01 Jul 2014, 20:24
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The book is not 100% exhaustive on the subject of Core Data and some things did not get covered as fully as they could have.

Having said that, bringing it to my attention helps to add it to my list of things to go into more detail on with the next version.

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