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29 Dec 2014, 03:09
Tommy Paquette (1 post)

I have been searching all over for that but all i can find is the opposite of what i am looking for. If i save twice the value 10 for example, core data only save it once ! i am fetching all of the entries of an attributes array in order to add them but if there is the same number twice in that array its adding it only once ! when the array is suppose to be 10,10,10,5,5,1,1 the total would be 42 but what i get is an array with 10,5,1 for a total of 16. all i keep getting when i search for it is how to make sure to not get duplicate. I would like to show some code but since i have no idea where is that issue happening it would be a lot of code to put in here. if anyone as a clue of what is happening i would appreciate a quick help. Thank you

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