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25 Apr 2013, 13:23
Theodor Borgman (3 posts)

I’m almost finished with the book. one thing i would love in this e-version would be colored code. I think it would enhance readability. Something like how code becomes colored in the different IDE’s.

It might be to much of a job but such a thing would be wonderful. and i think its easier to follow. since the brain filters and structures the code with the colors.

Just a thought.

11 May 2013, 04:38
Kevin Brothaler (48 posts)

I’ll pass on this feedback to the editors!

13 May 2013, 15:49
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (55 posts)

Hi Theodor,

Thank you for the suggestion! Our code is syntax highlighted, so you will see different colors for the syntax highlighting. Do you have further suggestions for the highlighting?

Best, Susannah Davidson Pfalzer

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