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29 Jul 2013, 09:24
Dennis Andree (3 posts)


first of all: thanks for the book, it helps a lot getting into this stuff!

I have a problem with Chapter 8, AirHockeyWithBetterMallets.

On my Samsung Galaxy S plus, which runs on Android 2.3.5, only the table is visible, the mallets and the puck are invisible. When I run the project on an emulator, the mallets and puck are there, but they’re not in the colors they should be, they’re just black.

Anyone have an idea why this could happen? I checked the code a hundred times, it’s exactly the same code as in the book. I just can’t think of any reason why this problem happens.

30 Jul 2013, 17:42
Kevin Brothaler (48 posts)

Hi Dennis, please send me an email at, we can troubleshoot this together. Thanks!

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