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24 Sep 2013, 13:40
Scott Hopta (1 post)


I have a 64 bit Windows 7 system. I have installed all of the development software needed to work on the code for OpenGL ES 2. I can import, compile and execute the code on my Verizon Droid Android 4.1.2 phone. The problem I’m having is the code will not run properly on the emulators.

I have tried many different configurations on the emulators and they all seem to either not run at all or I don’t get the same screen as is in the book or on my Droid phone.

Example: I tried to execute the example for AirHockey1 on the emulator I just get one mallet and not the full screen. To me it seems like on the emulator, I’m zoomed in on the game screen.

My laptop is a Lenovo T420 with and i5 processor, Windows 7 Professional, 4GB memory.

The Android Developer Tools Build is V22.0.5-757759

Any help would be appreciated. For learning I would prefer not having to connect my phone every time I do a lesson.

Thanks for the help.


25 Sep 2013, 23:32
Kevin Brothaler (48 posts)

Hi Scott, I’ll get in touch with you by email so we can further troubleshoot this.

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