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17 Feb 2014, 22:06
jerseh reynolds (1 post)

i am currently in chapter10 the very first part which is suppose to display a plain particle system without gravity and texture but when i run the proj. it just display a black screen. ive checked my code many times and can’t find any mistake (i did everything in the book). i used the tracer and i find something weird, on the very last command which is to draw using glDrawArrays the mode is GL_NONE but in my code it’s clearly GL_POINTS. would openGL change it automatically to GL_NONE if it finds something wrong? please help i would like to finish this amazing book of yours, thank you.

14 Jun 2014, 00:48
Kevin Brothaler (45 posts)

(we resolved it over email; in case anyone else runs into issues with a black screen, one common cause is with the setup of the projection matrix. Comparing the code against here can also help to find the issue:

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