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24 Mar 2013, 04:01
TR Hockamier (3 posts)

So far I really like the writing of the book and it moves swiftly without the usual crap you have to go through learning new languages such as 8 chapters of syntax before you get to writing programs.

What I DO NOT like is that when I am reading the book on my 8x11 tablet using the kindle reader that the code is so small I have to increase the font on the reader to the point of only getting a couple of paragraphs of writing on each page

The code should be large enough to read along with the text

25 Mar 2013, 00:23
Chris Strom (278 posts)

I think the prags optimize the mobi for the smaller kindles. If you let me know what kind of tablet that you are using, I can inquire about the formatting.