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17 Apr 2013, 22:49
c (1 post)

I’m having trouble getting the “removing and replacing search term in portrait” view teset suite to pass. Have been getting the same error messages repeatedly.

Here are the errors:

  • Unexpected error in -[UIAButton_0x8e4f4b0 scrollToVisible], /SourceCache/UIAutomation_Sim/UIAutomation-271/Framework/UIAElement.m line 1545, kAXErrorFailure

  • Script threw an uncaught JavaScript error: target.frontMostApp().navigationBar().leftButton() could not be tapped on line 21 of SearchTermScreen.js

0 tap()

#1 () at SearchTermScreen.js:18 #2 () at test_suite_ipad.js:24 #3 test() at env.js:19

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

18 Apr 2013, 23:03
Jonathan Penn (44 posts)

Can you let me know what step directory you are trying to run that code from? This error is supposed to happen in steps 8 through 14 as I walk through transforming the code to the point where it works. If you can give me some more context on where you are stuck, that would help.

22 May 2013, 15:45
Bernard Farrell (13 posts)

I think you’re a victim of this issue.

I’m seeing it for a test where scroll to visible should not be needed.

23 May 2013, 18:29
Jonathan Penn (44 posts)

Hmm. I’m not getting that. What “step” folder are you on in chapter 6? Did you make significant changes? Can you zip it up somewhere and post a link here so I can download it and try to reproduce?

28 May 2013, 17:40
Bernard Farrell (13 posts)

Jonathan, I’m seeing it for some test scripts I’ve written. I haven’t played with all the scripts in the book.