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13 Aug 2013, 15:54
juan zhang (1 post)

Hi,Jonathan Penn! when i learn chapter 10 —Running Tests on an Attached Device ,i have a trouble

user 10-CommandLine/step08 code ,i run “ rake device “ from the terminal, but i get rake aborted like this :


bin/fruitstrap -b /tmp/NearbyMe/ -i 9bb79c02e3cdba7130c8d35cd069778f7fab7ec6 rake aborted! Command failed with status (): [bin/fruitstrap -b /tmp/NearbyMe/NearbyMe.a…] /Users/Mapabc/Desktop/jptios-code/code新下载/10-CommandLine/step08/Rakefile:173:in install_on_device' /Users/Mapabc/Desktop/jptios-code/code新下载/10-CommandLine/step08/Rakefile:42:in block in <top (required)>’ Tasks: TOP => device (See full trace by running task with –trace) zhangmatoMacBook-Pro-4:step08 Mapabc$

Expect your answer !

17 Aug 2013, 07:18
Jonathan Penn (44 posts)

Thanks for the question, Juan! Alas, this isn’t enough information for me to figure out why it’s not working for you. The fruitstrap binary didn’t install the app on the device. As I mentioned in the book, fruitstrap is flakey and I only mentioned it in demonstration as a stop gap before Apple gives us the ability to install apps automatically itself. As mentioned in the book, make sure iTunes isn’t running and try it again to see if that helps.

What OS X version are you running? Would you happen to be using Xcode 5 beta?

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