05 Sep 2013, 19:40

Hunter Hillegas (3 posts)

So, we can’t really get into details due to the NDA but I’m wondering if the UIAAlert handlers should work the same way…

When I try to fetch the static text to validate a title, it’s always nil…

05 Sep 2013, 20:40

Hunter Hillegas (3 posts)

Radar time…

06 Sep 2013, 00:15

Jonathan Penn (43 posts)

Hunter and I conferred on Twitter about this, but I figured I’d leave my thoughts here for posterity.

This is a bug in iOS 7 beta, and it’s acknowledged in the release notes for the beta releases. I’m surprised it’s still in there given that there’s a pretty good chance the full release of iOS 7 comes out next week. But regardless, it’s a known bug. I filed a radar on it and it was closed as a dupe. Thanks to Hunter for filing one, too.

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