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07 Sep 2013, 23:41
Ravi Gupta (4 posts)

Hi. Thanks for writing extensively on this subject. I would like to know how useful can this be for a person who does not have a programming background but would like to utilize the UI Automation framework to automate manual tests.

08 Sep 2013, 15:56
Jonathan Penn (44 posts)

Thanks for the question, Ravi! When I originally set out to write this book, I had Objective-C developers in mind. That said, most of the book deals with UI Automation and builds up to it while teaching JavaScript along the way. It’s not targeted to QA professionals without a development background, but it would still be useful. I think a UI Automation book aimed at QA teams would be a very good idea, but since this is the first book on the UI Automation tool on the market I had to make the tough choice about the audience and decided to lean a bit more toward programmers.

I hope that helps!

09 Sep 2013, 03:17
Ravi Gupta (4 posts)

Thanks Jonathan. Would love to be able to collaborate on such a project.