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09 Jul 2014, 15:10
Michael Swaine (5 posts)

The early days of the personal computer revolution were crazy, and we feel privileged to have been able to chronicle the events as they were happening. Now the world of technology has moved away from the desktop and the third edition of Fire in the Valley looks back from the perspective of an era that has ended.

Revisiting our book and the stories it tells was enlightening. We made a lot of little changes and added a lot of new material. Doubtless we got some things wrong. Please let us know if you find errors. We’re in beta now, and we want it to be perfect on release.

But also feel free to add your own recollections of this magical era.

05 Nov 2014, 16:20
Lee Hauser (1 post)

Michael (and Paul), thanks so much for the latest edition of this book. I have the first two editions as well, and eagerly read the beta version on my Kindle. This, and Steven Levy’s “Hackers”, are my go-to books for the history of the computer revolution, and I can hardly wait to receive my dead tree version of the book!

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