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24 Oct 2012, 01:29
Benjamin Unger (4 posts)

In the pdf version page 30 refers to the constant @Process::RLIMIT_INFINITY@ which represents one’s systems infinity constant. The text suggests comparing that constant with the ‘hard limit’ shown as the 2nd element in the array produced when ‘p Process.getrlimit(:NOFILE)’ is typed within irb. I get the array within irb but can’t figure out how to access @Process::RLIMIT_INFINITY@.

I’ve tried @Process::RLIMIT_INFINIT@ at the command line and @p Process::RLIMIT_INFINITY@ within irb but both produce errors. Just searched on google to no avail. Any thoughts on how to access unix constants on my mac osx system?

02 Nov 2012, 04:51
Jesse Storimer (15 posts)

Whoops. That’s a typo in the book. It should be Process::RLIM_INFINITY. Does that one work for you?

I’ll make an update to the book.

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