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22 Dec 2017, 16:39
Paul Solt (2 posts)

Install Curl With SSL

I’m not sure if the curl install is necessary on Mac. Following the book’s steps on installing curl broke my workflow with Cocoapods, since I built it without SSL enabled last year (without realizing it).

Thus I was seeing errors like this one:

Installing Firebase (4.7.0)

[!] Error installing Firebase
[!] /usr/local/bin/curl -f -L -o /var/folders/xv/ghl7s0wx2m3_0hwh15spwfrc0000gn/T/d20171222-26613-2tuztl/file.tgz --create-dirs --netrc-optional

curl: (1) Protocol "https" not supported or disabled in libcurl

Install Curl with OpenSSL

  • Download and install OpenSSL
  • On Mac:

          ./config --prefix=/usr/local/ssl --openssldir=/usr/local/ssl \
          sudo make install
  • Install curl on Mac with SSL configured, otherwise your curl commands with https will fail.
    • On Mac:

        ./configure --with-ssl
        make install
    • Verify that SSL is setup after your configure step, you should see something like the following text:

         SSL support:      enabled (OpenSSL)

Following these steps I was able to solve my problem.

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