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01 Mar 2013, 08:06
Eewei Chen (6 posts)

I invite anyone who wants to discuss specific “Ingredients” or “Recipes” from my book to start a discussion here. I look forward to hearing your views :-)

01 Aug 2013, 07:10
kevin mulholland (1 post)

I would be interested more in the book if I had a better idea of what was in it. The extract is 6 pages of ‘header’ and one page of a few lines.

Does anyone check these things?

03 Sep 2013, 01:24
Eewei Chen (6 posts)

Hi Kevin,

I hope the following information will help you. Please let me know if you need more extracts or if it was the description of the book which did not give you enough info…

Intro from the book:

Technology and business teams continue to deliver products and services to solve bigger and bigger real-world issues. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re in the design, television, music, Internet, publishing, consultancy, software, marketing, finance, healthcare, or some other industry—many of the big problems facing teams today are the same. How do we innovate? How do we work better as a team? What problems are we meant to be solving? How do we keep our customers happy?

101 Design Ingredients is more than a book. It’s a lightweight, supereasy-to-digest problem-solving toolset. You’ll learn how to apply to your projects insights from leaders in the design-thinking, agile, lean-startup, product, entertainment, and business-strategy worlds. Your team isn’t facing anything today that hasn’t already been tackled before. This book will help you and your team work together to better understand problems so you can come up with solutions quickly, easily, and confidently.

Let’s face it: we could all use a little more time to get things right, but we often don’t get it. Sometimes all you need is a quick flash of inspiration to get you through your project. I wrote 101 Design Ingredients to help you get reinspired. Use it when you need a boost to keep you going. Start from the beginning to kick-start a project, inject some creativity when you’re stuck in a rut, or pick up speed near the end to finish strong. It doesn’t matter where you are in your project or what problem you’re facing—there’s always a solution. You’ll never again think twice about tackling problems, and you’ll work well together with your team to solve them.

Who This Book Is For

If you’ve ever worked on a project where changing customer needs, business goals, and market requirements play a vital part in defining success, this book is for you. No matter whether you’re a designer, developer, project manager, business stakeholder, startup founder, product owner, business analyst, usability researcher, branding expert, or marketing or sales staff, this book will give you practical advice to challenge and help you work as part of a team to solve problems.

The ingredients and recipes in this book will help you, whether you’re a beginner starting out on your first technology project or a seasoned professional who has been tackling the same big problems for years and needs a fresh approach.

How To Read This Book

101 Design Ingredients is a quick-reference guide that tech teams can use to identify and solve problems fast. It’s perfect for your morning commute, a quick read before going to bed, or even an elevator ride. The bite-sized ingredients and recipes are easily consumable in short periods of time. Glance down the list of ingredients and apply the useful hints and tips to solve your biggest problems immediately. It’s really that easy.

If your team and your business find it hard to just identify the right problems, 101 Design Ingredients will help you prioritize and then will act as a catalyst, each ingredient providing simple, practical advice you can start using at any point in a project.

The first four sections of the book correspond to the four stages of a project: Ingredients to Get You Started, Ingredients to Keep You Going, Ingredients to Help You Cross the Finish Line, and Ingredients to Get More of What You Want. You can start with the stage of the project that you’re in now, or dive straight into any ingredient that strikes your fancy.

In part V you’ll see ten real-world case studies of how companies combined the ingredients to create their own recipes for success, and you’ll learn how to apply the ingredients to meet your own specific needs in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, be sure to visit this book’s website,1 to find, create, and share even more ingredients and recipes. Follow us on Twitter at @101DI and on Facebook at 101 Design Ingredients.2,3

I hope you enjoy experimenting with the ingredients and solving problems both at work and in your personal life. Eewei Chen June 2013

Here are the excerpts of from my book to give you an idea of what you will find when you buy a copy.

The list of ingredients is as follows:

Recipes For Success

  • A Recipe For Effective Leadership
  • A Recipe For Awesome Employees
  • A Recipe For Social Relevance
  • A Recipe For Keeping It Lean
  • A Recipe For Being Indispensable
  • A Recipe For Evolution
  • A Recipe For Constant Innovation

Ingredients To Get You Started

  • Identify the Root Cause
  • Give Them What They Really Want
  • Know Why You Do It
  • Find the Sweet Spot
  • Join The Dots
  • Know What Competitors Are Up To
  • Start With The End
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out
  • Improving Vs Differentiating
  • Make It A Call To Adventure
  • Build An A-Team
  • Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
  • Pitch The Problem
  • Time It Right excerpt
  • Test Your Biggest Hypothesis First

Ingredients To Keep You Going

  • Know What Will Help You Succeed
  • Put It Into Context
  • Be A Catalyst
  • Perform As A Team
  • Train Them Right
  • Make It Easy
  • Prioritise Ideas
  • Slice It Thinly
  • Find The Shortest Route
  • Timebox It
  • Keep It Simple
  • 80/20 Rule
  • Constrain Yourself
  • Be Really Good at One Thing
  • Be Unfashionable
  • Fail Fast, Fail Often
  • Find the Gaps
  • Get Used To Conflict
  • Look For Commonalities
  • Don’t Just Improve The Obvious
  • Align With Expectations
  • Attract What You Want
  • Don’t Ask What They Want
  • Lead By Example
  • Frame It
  • Fix the Little Things
  • Reduce Options
  • Make It Obvious
  • Take A Walk
  • Celebrate Success

Ingredients To Help You Cross The Finish Line

  • Make It Personal
  • Stop Making It Up
  • Surprise Them
  • Know What You Control
  • Check The Data
  • Adapt Quickly
  • Find Allies
  • Keep People Informed
  • Don’t Show Up
  • Don’t Think Too Much
  • Make It Interesting
  • Make It Accessible
  • Tell A Good Story
  • Reward Them
  • Fly Under The Radar
  • Have An Opinion
  • Be Good
  • Cut Through The Bull
  • Make It Emotional
  • Build Up Enough Momentum
  • Create A Tipping Point

Ingredients To Get More Of What You Want

  • Crowd Source It excerpt
  • Don’t Do It All
  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
  • Challenge And Disrupt
  • Increase Happiness
  • Get Them Addicted
13 Jan 2018, 10:09
Alex ferguson (3 posts)

In the event that your group and your business think that it’s hard to simply recognize the correct issues, Writing Essays Online 101 Design Ingredients will enable you to organize and after that will go about as an impetus, every fixing giving basic, viable counsel you can begin utilizing anytime in an undertaking.

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