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06 Sep 2012, 09:12
Alexey Efimov (1 post)


There are extension for it: (for quick and easy install).

And SIMBL plugin:

06 Sep 2012, 14:33
Keir Thomas (37 posts)


The approach of Mac Kung Fu is a do-it-yourself approach. We always prefer to use built-in tools rather than download third party add-ons.

A good example why we take this policy is SIMBL. Add-ons tend to break things when people upgrade. Browser extensions are an excellent example — they have a habit of not being updated. Bear in mind that the book is written has a useful life of at least a couple of years. It isn’t like a website where we can advise people download something, then update the next day!

Another reason I can’t advise the use of SIMBL because it patches code in a strictly unauthorized way.

If I recall correctly SIMBL caused huge problems in the upgrade from Lion to ML. People tend to forget it’s there then wonder why things no longer work properly. That makes it more trouble that it’s worth!


28 Sep 2012, 02:36
Bob Cochran (109 posts)

That is why I like the first edition of this book – I prefer doing things myself with built-in tools. And yes, I have bought the second edition.