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10 Aug 2013, 17:12
Loren Sims (1 post)

I installed libdvdcss 1.2.12 (the latest version that offered a macosx version). I renamed the VIDEO_TS folder with the .dvdbundle extension. The system needed my password to authorize the name change but the icon didn’t change. I restarted and tried to open the folder with DVD Player but it gives me the error “The media type is not supported.”

The disc itself plays fine, but the copied VIDEO_TS files don’t.

22 Sep 2013, 10:03
Keir Thomas (37 posts)

Hi Loren

Apologies for the late reply.

You’ve spotted an errata in the book. The extension should be .dvdmedia, not .dvdbundle.

If you do this it should work OK.

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