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18 Oct 2011, 08:18
Ryan Molden (3 posts)

Hello fellow Erlang hackers, I have been working my way through Programming Erlang (great book) and have noticed something about the Erlang shell I thought I would ask about.

I am running Windows 7, on a dual core laptop and I have noticed that erl.exe seems to only ever use a single core, I have been playing around with the process ring excercise from Chapter 8 and even though I have set up 128 nodes via spawn (and they show up with i()) when my code is running my CPU is only ever at 50% (i.e. erl.exe is only ever maxing out a single core).

Is this expected? I looked for some kind of arguments to give to erl when I launched it saying how many cores to utilize, but I didn’t see anything in the man pages (online).


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