26 Sep 2012, 03:08

Bharat Ruparel (146 posts)

Derick, I am trying to follow along. Approx. 12 minutes in the screencast, you show the jQuery converted code to the Backbone view. Following the instructions, I am running the code that you have provided for this screencast. The submit event keeps firing (the alert box shows) even when I enter the url in the url box, the name box and the description box. Even though the event handler is attached to ‘click #save’

Why is this happening? Please explain..



15 Oct 2012, 21:44
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DerickBailey (8 posts)

Hi Bharat,

I’m not seeing this problem in my copy of the code. Can you post a gist or pastebin with your code in it? I’ll take a look at it.


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