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26 Dec 2013, 14:17
Justin Calleja (5 posts)

** See last comment. Basically, do not use code which comes with course… use the one on github: **

In order to get the dependencies, change the following in your Gemfile:

gem ‘sinatra-content-for’


gem ‘sinatra-content-for2’

Otherwise, you (at least I got) will get:

“Could not find sinatra-content-for-0.2 in any of the sources”

Also, to remove this warning:

“The source :rubygems is deprecated because HTTP requests are insecure. Please change your source to ‘’ if possible, or ‘’ if not.”


source :rubygems


source ‘’

26 Dec 2013, 14:05
Justin Calleja (5 posts)

I don’t see how I can edit the title. “Variations”… would change. Still follow Just change the Gemfile.

26 Dec 2013, 14:16
Justin Calleja (5 posts)

Just noticed this in one of the comments… did I miss this on the product download page? In any case, it should be more obvious that there’s the code on github (kudos for that btw).

Also, if you started out with the non-github code, note that after getting the dependencies, you need to open up app.rb and change this:

require ‘sinatra/content_for’


require ‘sinatra/content_for2’

Then you can ruby app.rb and the server should start…

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