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12 Jun 2014, 11:07
Alex Dearden (10 posts)

With iOS 7 and RM 2.x a lot of commands are deprecated and we get warnings for them in the CLI, others simply don’t work (UITextView –webview).

I think it’s important to update the book in the relevant bits. I understand this is a moving target with Apple and RM making continuous changes but by not updating it we run the risk of the book becoming irrelevant.

There’s still a lot of good content in the book and so far I haven’t found any cataclismic situations, just saying though.

22 Jun 2014, 21:39
Bert Mcguirk (1 post)

+1 , Please consider a revision for ios 7.

24 Apr 2016, 14:13
Michael Moulsdale (1 post)

Any chance of getting the code updated. It now seems to be broken from Boxey onwards.

25 Apr 2016, 17:40
Bernard Kaiflin (14 posts)

I have created a new topic for this problem :

Application windows are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch

07 Jul 2016, 03:17
Luis Fernando Flores Oviedo (1 post)

The book is a scam, the code doesn’t work from boxey on. I want my money back.

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