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28 Mar 2016, 21:56
John Muir (1 post)


I tried to create a UITableView that uses the UITableViewStyleGrouped style according to chapter 5, section “Grouped-Style UITableViews” in the PDF, but it doesn’t work: there seems to be no difference in the appearance. That is, the cells extend to the left and right side, and I see no rounded containers to denote each section like in In this PDF section, it gives a screenshot of the new appearance, but the screenshot does not show rounded containers either.

I also tried the app at code/tables/TableFun_grouped in the downloadable source code (carubym-code.tgz), but that too does not produce rounded containers like in (I tried this in the simulator used for the default app.device_family Rakefile setting and also app.device_family = :ipad.)

Any ideas?

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I did notice that on my iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3, does not show rounded containers. But, on my iPad Air running iOS 9.3, does show rounded containers.

I’m using RubyMotion 4.11 with iOS 9.3 in the simulator.


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20 Apr 2016, 23:06
Clay Allsopp (9 posts)

Hey John, as of recent versions of iOS (iOS 7?) Grouped table views are mostly indistinguishable from plain table views. Apple’s docs say “The grouped style of table view provides a default background color and a default background view for all cells.”