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23 Jan 2013, 17:53
Steve Holland (8 posts)

I’m intrigued by this book, but I’m not sure whether my level of Math is up to it or not. I’ve only got High School (well G.C.S.E. level in England) Mathematics, and that was about 20 years ago!

It does sound really interesting though, so will I need to do a bit of study before I try and tackle this?


23 Jan 2013, 20:52
Mark Chu-Carroll (14 posts)

My intention writing it was that it should be approachable by anyone with a minimum of high school level math.

The book is made up of short to medium length chapters, each of which can be read alone, so that you can skip around and read the parts that interest you. So if one chapter is rough going, you can just ignore it, and skip to something else.

I hope that the more background you have, the more you’ll notice the nuances of what I’ve written, but even with no background beyond basic high-school algebra, you should be able to follow everything.

24 Jan 2013, 08:32
Sheldon Hearn (1 post)

I stopped paying attention to Maths about 3 years before the end of my school career. I’ve felt the gap in my mind ever since. Two decades later, I’m banking on this book as a platform from which to launch my recovery.

No pressure. :-P

24 Jan 2013, 19:47
Steve Holland (8 posts)

Mark - Thanks very much for replying. You’ve put my mind at rest, so I’m off to buy myself a copy :)

Sheldon - Exactly where I’m coming from too! If only teachers had put some effort into why Math is a useful skill, I might have paid more attention.

14 Feb 2013, 13:36
Mark Chu-Carroll (14 posts)

Steve and Sheldon:

What I want to do with this book is not to show why math is a useful skill. If you’re not convinced that math is useful, this book isn’t going to help convince you. What I wanted to show is that math is fun and beautiful and exciting. That’s better than just useful any day.

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