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20 Mar 2013, 19:10
Futuro (1 post)

I think there is an error in the following line from the example of doing a silly bit of algebra to “prove” that 2 = 1. This is on page 7 of the excerpt for the chapter on zero:

[NOTE: In the original text the “2” of “xx2” actually is superscript to represent a power or “squared” . . . ]

ORIGINAL TEXT: “2. Multiply both sides by x: xx2 = xy.”

ERROR: The superscript “2” is not needed and is a mistake.

CORRECTION: “2. Multiply both sides by x: xx = xy.”


P. S. Another way to do it is to use x**2 (“x squared”), which probably is better, although “xx = xy” is simpler and makes it easier to see that both sides of “x = y” were multiplied by “x” . . .

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