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Cousin 150_pragsmall
23 Oct 2013, 18:37
Steve McIlree (1 post)

First let me say I am delighted by this book so far. It makes the process of getting acquainted with Tasker easy. All the Wikis and YouTube videos available do not measure up to having step by step instructions in text to follow. I don’t say I’m already up to full speed, but I think this book has shaved weeks off learning from online documentation and tutorials.

Now here is my caveat for purchasers of this ebook. I use Kindle reader apps on my PC and non-Kindle Android tablet. So I first downloaded the MOBI version of the book. It is OK as far as the text goes, but the illustrations are tiny and will not scale with either app. Since there is important information in many of the screenshots, one needs to squint an inch from the screen. In frustration I downloaded the PDF version and discovered the images are not only larger and clearer but scalable. This is true with both Adobe Reader on my PC and the Kindle reader app on my tablet.

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