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19 Feb 2014, 18:43
Chris Strom (277 posts)

I received a question about possible table support for the ICE Code Editor used in 3D Game Programming for Kids. Here is, in part, my reply on where that stands…

Tablet support is, admittedly, not great at the moment. It is something that I and the other ICE devs would very much like to add in the near future. When that happens really depends on community input / help (wink wink, nudge nudge).

I tried ICE on the iPad without much success and decided, at least with the initial release, to target “old-fashioned” desktops/laptops/chromebooks. I will give this another try in the near future, so any thoughts people can share would be appreciated. Specifically, are you using external keyboards / mice or should this work on-screen (that seems really hard to me). I think we would target Chrome Beta initially—is that reasonable? Any other suggestions?

Also, if you’re up for a little more active help, I hold nightly #pairwithme sessions to improve ICE. We code in Dart, but absolutely no previous experience with the language is necessary (really). And, if you’re curious about Dart, there happens to be an excellent book about it :)

Please share any thoughts that folks might have below or contact me directly. Thanks!

19 Feb 2014, 20:12
Priam Givord (1 post)

Hi Chris,

So Chrome Beta doesn’t change much of its current limitations: _cannot use the delete key on the virtual keyboard. My goal is to rely on the tablet only, no other hardware. _can type text in _can type return and create a new text row below the one you were in (just like a normal text editor) _big zooming / dragging up drawback: cannot zoom out far enough / or drag high enough when one needs to edit the bottom of the text –» the virtual keyboard comes in front and the text cursor position doesn’t adjust. _cannot paste content, although the paste button appears on top of the blue cursor. _cannot copy, not getting the 2 blue brackets that can be dragged to select content

I have tried all of that on JS bin and it works but there are 3 separated panes in the view (soo small) and it deosn’t refresh three.js every time, weird, on Dolphin Browser (Ice editor) the copy/paste functions are disabled, but I can write/delete so maybe we’ll have to learn the hardcore way :).

BTW, don’t have much time these days for GitHub, but will log in. I am freelancing and looking for a 3D user interface project. Building my prototype as of now.

Best regards! Priam

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