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25 Jul 2014, 21:35
Yaser Makram (1 post)

Google Chrome has difficulty on my OSX. I have issues with scrolling and the browser freezing up. I searched the web and this seems to be consistent. Is there anyway to remedy this in OSX Mavericks? We cannot seem to get past coding for chapter 6. :(

26 Jul 2014, 05:16
Chris Strom (278 posts)

I’m not having problems with that or later examples on Mavericks with Chrome 36. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a problem though :P

Can you post your code in here – either using ICE’s share option or pasting the entire contents directly in your reply (be sure to put the three tildes above and below):

  // Put your code here...

Sorry for the problems. We’ll get them sorted out!