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26 Dec 2017, 23:25
guy dude guy (13 posts)

I first got the 3D Game Programming For Kids book by Chris Strom about 4 years ago, and am still interested in learning more. Because my parents won’t let me download a code editor onto our family computer, I’ve been using the Ice code editor the whole time. I’ve recently become interested in online databases and am learning PHP and MySQL. I’d like to know what languages the Ice code editor supports, as well as libraries.

Does the editor support:

PHP? MySQL? BootStrap? C++? C? Min.js?

and any others you might know of.

27 Dec 2017, 21:16
Chris Strom (278 posts)

That sounds like an excellent plan for programming things to explore next.

Unfortunately, the ICE Code Editor only supports JavaScript (and a little HTML). Also, I do not know of any online code editors that support the kind of development in which you are interested. Most are different kinds of HTML and JavaScript editors.

If there is no way to install a basic editor or development environment, your best be may be to use the text editor built into you computer: TextEdit on Macs or Notepad on Windows. Neither is ideal since they won’t have color or error warnings. But lots of programmers got their start with something like that – including me :)

Sorry I couldn’t offer more help with this. Good luck with the new programming!


01 Feb 2018, 02:13
guy dude guy (13 posts)

Thank you! I’ll look into that.