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20 Nov 2014, 18:27
Charlie Weston (1 post)

I do not understand your answer. If I read the question correctly, either both FULL and EMPTY or False, or one of them is true. If that is correct, then I don’t understand your expression.

Thanks, Charlie Weston

21 Nov 2014, 15:51
Jason Montojo (8 posts)

Hi Charlie,

In English, when you say “either A or B”, that usually means you can pick A, or you can pick B, but you have to choose only one of them. The “either” suggests you can’t pick both.

So “either A or B” is equivalent to “A or B, but not both A and B”. That translates into (A or B) and not (A and B). Generally, you can substitute “and” for “but” when translating English into Python.

Hope this helps!

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