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23 Dec 2015, 08:25
Apta Zign (1 post)

Hi Paolo,

This is a great book.

You mention in your intro ‘with metaprogramming, you can write a wrapper that takes any method call and routes it to the external system’.

How would you approach calling functions from a Perl API from within a Ruby using metaprogramming?

Kind Regards, Ap

24 Jan 2016, 13:07
Paolo Perrotta (52 posts)

Metaprogramming won’t help you solve the technical issue of actually placing the call. What I meant is more like “The Ghee Example” in the Methods chapter: you intercept multiple calls and execute the same code (parametrically) for all of them. Placing the actual call to the external API depends on which code you execute exactly, and I have no experience with Perl - so I have no idea how to do that, sorry. :)

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