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25 Feb 2014, 22:44
Siva Jayaraman (1 post)

Hello Paul, We are thinking of using this book for a SW reading group in our company. One concern that we have is that the book is in beta and we are not sure when to expect the book to be complete. Since we go chapter by chapter and ten to spend more than one week in each chapter, a possibility for us is to start off with the beta with the assumption that the first few chapters are almost done and hope that the remaining will be release in the next few weeks. Amazon has a publication date of 25 March for this book. What is your feel of completeness of the first chapters and when do you think the remaining would be complete?

01 Mar 2014, 12:49
Paul Butcher (37 posts)

Apologies for the delayed reply, Siva - I’m currently travelling in South Africa with limited connectivity.

The book is very nearly complete - the only remaining chapters are the Lambda Architecture and Wrapping Up chapters. The Lambda Architecture chapter is 2/3rds complete (i.e. days 1 and 2). It’s unlikely to be published by the 25th (i.e. it won’t have gone through its final technical review and copy editing) but it should be substantially complete by then.

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