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22 Dec 2012, 20:55
david gillooly (1 post)

The video is quite good at showing how to use sublime text 2 commands etc. Worth the money for sure.

Problem is that the video doesn’t discuss how to change the default build system file for java to show simple results that a new student of Java would need. Probably too detailed for the video but one would think the option would be built into the standard sublime install.

The standard java build setup compiles or shows errors OK. But I have yet to find a way to run the java program after compiling. The suggestions I have found on the net so far do not work.

23 Dec 2012, 15:20
Mike Riley (57 posts)

Thanks for your helpful feedback, David! As you correctly summarized, including Java build configuration would have been a fairly sizable segment of the screencast itself, as well as opening Pandora’s box from fans of other languages asking why their preferred choice wasn’t included.

Nevertheless, given the popularity of Java, it would certainly be beneficial to configure it in ST2 accordingly. Here’s what I have found on the topic; hopefully it will be more helpful than what you have already discovered on your own:

Best of success with all your coding efforts!

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