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30 Dec 2012, 07:40
Martin Imfeld (1 post)

Hello there,

downloaded the desktop version of the video and unzipped it running Mountain Lion. QuickTime (10.2), however, cannot open the .mov file.

The same problem with the .mp4 version.

Have not checked the Theora Ogg version.

Not sure if that is a problem only I do face - but I’d strongly recommend you double-check on your own machine.

How do I proceed from here? As things stand right now I cannot watch the video - which is a pity.

02 Jan 2013, 17:38
Mike Riley (57 posts)

Hi Martin - I’m so sorry to hear about the problems you have been having with the zipped files. We haven’t heard from anyone else having problems with unzipping and viewing the videos, but I have asked Pragmatic’s terrific screencast production team to get in touch with you directly to help further troubleshoot and hopefully (and quickly) resolve the problem you are having. Thanks again for letting us know about this issue, and I look forward to your thoughts about the screencast once you have had the chance to watch it!

02 Jan 2013, 19:12
Jared Richardson (9 posts)

Hi Martin,

Can you try to download the videos again? I just did and was able to play both. Otherwise drop me a line at jared dot r dot richardson at gmail and I’ll work with you to solve it.

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