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27 Apr 2014, 20:15
Richard Goggin (2 posts)

I have literally copied the code from the source code download and verified that I have the latest versions of Chrome and Safari. I have also verified that JavaScript is enabled in both browsers. I am running Mac OS X Version 10.9.2 .

When I display the meter html in either browser the only style being applied is:

meter{ width: 280px;}

I know it is finding the stylesheet because it does apply the first style but no other styles are being applied!

What am I doing wrong?

27 Apr 2014, 20:30
Richard Goggin (2 posts)

I just installed the latest version of FireFox and Opera and have the same results on both of those browsers.

29 Apr 2014, 21:41
Brian P. Hogan (159 posts)

The other styles in the file are there for fallback support. If your browser supports the meter element then it isn’t applying any of those styles to the element.

Figure 3 is what it should look like for modern browsers.

Figure 4 is what it should look like on non-modern browsers. To get that result, you have all of the JS code that creates the “fake” meter.

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