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27 Mar 2016, 05:54
Justin E Myers (1 post)

Why isn’t ‘novalidate’ found in the book? What other HTML5 things are not in the book? I just bought the second edition because I didn’t find ‘novalidate’ in the first edition. Now I’m kinda wondering how truly comprehensive these books are.

27 Mar 2016, 06:48
Brian P. Hogan (159 posts)

I didn’t include novalidate because it just didn’t make sense to do so.

As I’m sure you know, adding novalidate to a form only disables validation if validation is applied. We have one chapter on validating form fields, and it doesn’t include novalidate simply because it doesn’t make sense there - if you don’t want validation, you wouldn’t add required fields or regex values to the form. :)

The book isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide to HTML - the W3C spec is good for that, as it’s the source of truth for tags and attributes. And it’s always changing. The book is almost 4 years old already so there are more things that could be included.

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