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17 Jan 2014, 06:19
Chet Harrison (7 posts)

Ok folks. first of all this is a brilliant book so no knocks on the author, who I would like to purchase the largest beverage of his choice.

(however) I like to code my way through books. But you can’t do that here unless you like to debug unfamiliar territory. So just download the code and transcribe. Every error post I have read is a result of someone attempting to write the code from the book. Once you hit chapter 6 your toast. In all fairness to our author, Mr. Wilson, he does encourage you to download the code.

I am about half way through the book and I have to say its breath is amazing. I am always a bit nervous when I try to learn new code, when I don’t really understand what it will do for me, but the deeper I get into Node.js the more impressed I am with what is going on here.

26 May 2014, 11:31
Jim R. Wilson (106 posts)

Thanks for the kind words, Chet! It’s definitely tough to balance relevance with typeability. I tried to keep it friendlier in the beginning and ramp up towards the end. Hope starting with the downloadable code wasn’t too onerous :)

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