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07 May 2017, 16:48
Robert J. Peek (1 post)

This is what I get when I run “node –harmony $(which nodeunit) test/”

test-rdf-parser ✖ testRDFParser

AssertionError: { _id: ‘132’ } deepEqual { _id: ‘132’, title: ‘The Art of War’, authors: [ ‘Sunzi (6th cent. BC)’, ‘Giles, Lionel’ ], subjects: [ ‘Military art and science – Early works to 1800’, ‘War – Early works to 1800’ ] } at Object.deepEqual (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/nodeunit/lib/types.js:83:39) at /home/rjpeek/nodeTutorials/NodeTheRightWay/databases/test/test-rdf-parser.js:9:10 at /home/rjpeek/nodeTutorials/NodeTheRightWay/databases/lib/rdf-parser.js:15:5 at FSReqWrap.readFileAfterClose [as oncomplete] (fs.js:439:3)

FAILURES: 1/2 assertions failed (153ms)

Here is my code for test-rdf-parser.js

{ “_id”: “132”, “title”: “The Art of War”, “authors”: [ “Sunzi (6th cent. BC)”, “Giles, Lionel” ], “subjects”: [ “Military art and science – Early works to 1800”, “War – Early works to 1800” ] }

Here is my code for test_-rdf-parser.js

‘use strict’; const rdfParser = require(‘../lib/rdf-parser.js’), expectedValue = require(‘./pg132.json’); exports.testRDFParser = function(test) { rdfParser(__dirname + ‘/pg132.rdf’, function(err, book) { test.expect(2); test.ifError(err); test.deepEqual(book, expectedValue, “book should match expected”); test.done(); }); };

09 May 2017, 09:50
Jim R. Wilson (106 posts)

It looks like the object produced by calling rdfParser() on the pd132.rdf file has only the _id field. It seems to be missing the title, authors, and subjects fields.

My guess is that the problem is in the implementation of rdfParser() as opposed to the test.

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