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07 May 2013, 22:26
José Valim (62 posts)

The feedback on the first edition of Crafting Rails Applications was amazing and we have updated it to work with Rails 4.

Everything from the first edition is there: you learn how to extend Rails, change its behavior, and replace whole components to bend it to your will. For the second edition, we have added a new chapter, so overall we have eight chapters to guide you to understand Rails’ inner workings and prepare you to tackle complicated projects with solutions that are well-tested, modular, and easy to maintain.

All of the projects and code examples have been updated and tested to work with Rails 4. The projects also use more up-to-date workflows for creating Rails plugins and interfacing with the framework. In fact, the enginex tool built for the first edition has been merged into Rails, which is what we use now in the book. The new chapter talks exclusively about Rails 4 new features, like Live Streaming, and other details related to eager loading and thread safety.

Have fun!

08 May 2013, 17:16
Armando Flores (2 posts)

Hello Jose. I do not know if this is the right place for this question but here it is: Will there be a discount code people that purchased the first edition? Thx.

16 May 2013, 11:52
Jörg Leis (1 post)

+1 for a discount

29 May 2013, 15:11
yves dufour (10 posts)

bought it, but would appreciate discount for the next edition ( Rails 5 ?)… thanks Jose ( gosto muito do seu trabalho…)

29 Nov 2013, 21:57
Ed Ruder (1 post)

+1 for discount

22 Dec 2013, 16:54
slothbear (7 posts)

I found a discount coupon on my Account page. YMMV.

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